Online Comprehensive Skill Assessment Tool for Automotive & Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Technicians
The first step toward developing effective training programs is to determine what is needed to achieve strategic business objectives and then formulate a plan to identify the gaps. The Comprehensive Skill Assessment Tool (CSAT) for Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Technicians is a unique online skill gap analysis tool that identifies areas of strength and areas needing improvement across several key areas. It helps training managers identify organizational training needs and effectively direct their budgets. CSAT provides valuable pre and post training assessments to measure progress throughout the program and offers unique tracking for managers to monitor progress, while providing proof of return on investment.
  • Measures the technical skill level of individuals against targets established by the training managers and creates a skill gap analysis to help identify areas needing improvement.
  • Assessments align with ASE content areas and measure knowledge of theory, application and diagnosis.
  • Reporting is available as soon as assessment is completed and enables training managers to assess and track individual results.
  • Performs as a true return on investment (ROI) tool for training managers to ensure they invest their training dollars in the most appropriate areas.
  • Questions are written by experts in the industry and reviewed for technical and statistical validity by psychometricians (test writing experts).
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